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Cloud Hosting SSD | Light Fast Web Hosting Performance

In a world of ready-made hosting solutions offering similar performance, we’ve built our own
hosting platform from the ground up. It works in perfect sync with our server hardware,
ensuring across-the-board performance improvements for all sites hosted with us.
Don’t settle for less. Strive for excellence. Scroll down to see what makes us different.


SSDs outperform HDDs in just about every aspect. This is why all our
servers are equipped with lightning-fast & ultra-reliable SSD drives
guaranteeing supersonic performance for all your sites and apps.

On all our servers we use the ZFS file system, which makes writing and
reading data fast and which will dramatically speed up your dynamic
websites and demanding apps.

We have developed a super-efficient data backup solution, which backs
up all of your files on a daily basis. You will be able to restore not only
an older version of a given file, but also a full backup of your account.

We have worked hard to create a secure environment for your sites. The
mod_security firewall, which is enabled by default, comprises a
comprehensive set of security protection rules. You can restrict the
outgoing traffic from your account via your Control Panel.

A top-level hosting platform goes hand in hand with top-level
hardware. We use only enterprise-grade server and network hard- ware
components and each component is thoroughly tested before being
introduced into our production environment.

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